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fucked up that we live in a country where the right to assembly is considered fundamental and enshrined in the document that is the highest law of the land and yet the fucking cops can just declare a protest “unlawful” and start arresting people whenever they feel like it.

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Bruges (by James ~ Anderson)




Oh my, what is this deliciousness?

Like for real though what is this and where can I buy it lol 

It’s called gyro
ayye thank you!


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Muggle Horror Movie Nights in the Shrieking Shack. James Potter is the one who figured out how to get in, naturally. Scorpius Malfoy trained his pet ferret—his dad hates it for some reason—to hit the knob on the tree.

A generation ago, so many truly horrifying things happened here. Now, a bunch of kids sneak out of bed to scare themselves silly with imaginary horrors, and then go to sleep knowing all is well.